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DJ Ratus

Rush Main Resident Up On The Main Dancefloor.

DJ Ratus is the longest running resident at Rush and you will catch him down here every night playing Hiphop, RNB, Bassline, UK Funky, Garage, Grime, Dancehall, Dubstep, Drum and Bass. He started his career at the age of 14 on a local community project as part of a team running a sunday night disco for the local youth. From there he started his own mobile disco company where he would play at parties, from birthdays to Wedding anniversaries.

Wanting to gain credibility in DJing he then broke into the bar/club scene and secured residencies and nights in and around the east midlands including Romans Bar, 53 Degrees North, PURE, Illusions Nightclub, Liquid Nightclub, The Banque, Club Susumi,  Bar 19/Flanagans, The Roadside and The Penthouse. He's known for playing the biggest tunes first and the tunes other DJ's are afraid to play. Making every set he plays a little different you never know what to expect from Dj Ratus and be assured that listening to one of his sets you're sure to hear music you will know and love alongside music you won't know yet but will love just as much.


19 Clumber St, Mansfield, NG18 1NU.